Your Fire Risk. Our Solution.

We provide clients with fire prevention solutions for domestic to commercial and industrial premises. With comprehensive access to fire prevention services our aim is to guide you through your options to maintain a safer environment.

Fire Prevention services for a wide range of clients:
Domestic dwellings
Shops, offices and factories
Farms and industrial units
Local authorities
Hotels, restaurants and public houses
Residential care homes
Construction sites

Fire detection systems provided:
Wired Addressable Fire Alarm systems
Wireless Fire Alarm Systems
Domestic Fire Alarm Systems
Domestic Smoke and Heat Detectors
Sounders / Bells / Strobes
Emergency Lighting
UltraGuard - Personal Protection Systems
Optional monitoring
Service and maintenance

As effective as detection systems are, preventing a fire from starting or developing should also be given great consideration. We offer a range of services to minimise the risk of Fire.

Fire safety services provided:
Home Fire safety visits
Fire risk assessments
Fire Safety Training

UltraGuard – Personal Protection System

Highly regarded by the UK Fire and rescue services, UltraGuard is the UK’s leading life saver, and a unique way of providing fire protection to living environments such as the elderly, Infirm and disabled who require adaptable, individual cost-effective solutions. UltraGuards can also be used to protect a wide range of vulnerable risk areas such as – means of escape, portable cabins, garages, outbuildings, archives and critical assets.

Fast, efficient and portable; UltraGuard™ includes a self-contained water tank and is simply plugged into the nearest socket with no impact on building fabric, making it ideal for flexible fire protection to enhance risk management on a temporary or more permanent basis.

LPS 1655 Accredited Certification

The UK market leader, UltraGuard is the first personal protection system in the UK to hold the accredited certification to LPS 1655, the LPCB third party approval standard. LPS 1655 defines rigorous test protocols and performance criteria for personal protection systems, so you can feel confident that your residents are being protected from fire by a robust and tested system.

Fast Response

Activated by smoke detection, UltraGuard™ quickly senses a fire situation enabling a fast response to allow occupants time to escape or control the fire sufficiently until Fire and Rescue Services attend. For activation alerts, a wireless auto dialler is fitted, or alternatively our qualified engineering team can connect to an existing auto dialler.

Elite Fire Safety Services already work with a wide range of clients from private home owners to National Fire and Rescue services.
Domestic dwellings
Shops, offices and factories
Farms and industrial units
Local authorities
Hotels, restaurants and public houses
Residential care homes

UltraGuard Services Provided
Supply and installation
Installation only
Service and maintenance
Fire, fault, and test Monitoring
Free risk assessment for all installations
Free technical and advice support

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